Dreadbox Synthesizer, murmux V2 (Sold out)


Full Analog Paraphonic Synthesizer.
Extremely Limited Edition to 50 pieces.
Hand-soldered, Handcrafted , Through Hole Components.
Handmade piece-of-art Wooden Enclosure (by Black Science).
Designed for aggressive sounds but not limited to these.

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  • 50x eurorack patchpoints for an ultimate modular experience
  • 3x standard VCOs + 1x Sub Oscillator
  • 1x hyper VCO (consisted of 6 sawtooth vcos)
  • White Noise Generator
  • The classic 4-pole Murmux VCF improved with 1V/oct tracking.
  • High Pass and Low Pass or Notch function
  • 3x Envelope Generators (2x ADSR and 1x AD)
  • 3x LFOs (one of which is voltage controlled)
  • 2x VCA (one patchable)
  • OTA Drive circuit
  • Hybrid Voltage Controlled Delay
  • Sample and Hold circuit
  • 2x Passive Attenuators
  • 2x 2 in 1 or 1x 4 in 1 Mixer
  • Audio Inputs and Outputs in various stages

W: 42,6 cm D: 20 cm H: 12 cm
Weight: 2.57 kg