Dreadbox Effekt, Lamda2


1-4 Pole Low Pass Filter

Self-oscillating Resonance

Armed with an OTA VCA

Overdrives Signals into its Filter

Expression Pedal to CV Converter

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True bypass

CUT INPUT: +/- 5V optimal, max +/- 9V

RES INPUT: 0-5V optimal, max +/- 9V

VCA INPUT: +/- 5V optimal, max +/- 9V

not filtered for square waves

(it will produce pops)


Resonance self-oscillation output at max VCA Level

1 pole: 5Vpp    2 pole: 4Vpp

3 pole: 3Vpp    4 pole: 2,5Vpp

Power consumption: 50mA

works only with 9V DC (center negative) power supply, which is not included

does not work with batteries

Size: 147x116x58