Dreadbox Synthesizer, Erebus


Analog Paraphonic Synthesizer V2

Analog 2-voice Paraphony or Unison sounds, only with Through Hole components

2 x VCO with seperate glide controls

2 pole (12dB/ocv) pre-fed resonating VC Low Pass Filter

VC LFO with additional VC Depth

2 x Envelope Generators (1xADSR and 1xAR dedicated to the AMP)

VC Delay/Echo

15 patches for an astonishing Modular experience

CV Outputs: LFO, Envelope (attenuated), Modulation Wheel (attenuated), Gate, Osc1 pitch (1V/ocv), Osc2 pitch (1V/ocv)

CV Inputs: Osc1, Osc2, Echo time, VCF, CV, GATE, LFO rate, PW , VCA

Paraphony CV/GATE outputs allows you to turn monophonic devices into Paraphonic, or even combine 2 monosynths into a paraphony orgy.

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